At Transnetwork, our technology team focuses on making our solution to the cross-border payment industry easy to integrate and operate as well as highly reliable and secure. To this end we have built an application and infrastructure framework with these goals in mind.


Reliability begins with primary and secondary data processing site colocation at high-end, highly redundant and highly secure data centers that meet or exceed the strictest industry requirements. We then built an infrastructure that incorporates fully independent production, business continuity, and disaster recovery environments, relentlessly avoiding single points of failure. We follow up with an application framework built with high availability (HA) in mind, using active-active HA configurations for business continuity and active-passive for disaster recovery. Finally, we proactively monitor all our critical infrastructure, applications, and processes using state-of-the industry software to ensure continually uninterrupted operations. The end-result in an availability and reliability strategy with outstanding recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO). Our track record in the industry when it comes to availability and reliability for the past 10 years speaks for itself.


We adhere to the highest industry standards when it comes to security. In order to ensure our own and our clients' compliance with consumer privacy laws and regulations as well as to protect our reputation and that of our clients, we employ an aggressive approach to information security and leverages state-of-the-industry technology and practices.


We strive hard to make integrating our service into your cross-border payments offerings as seamless and straightforward as possible. We employ a variety of connectivity methods and models in order to ensure that integration into our platform is not an impediment to working with Transnetwork. We offer integration through xml-based web services, ISO 8583, as well as other EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) models to facilitate easily adding our network to your cross-border payments offerings. We will also assign an experienced team of technologists to your integration project to support you throughout the process and ensure that your operational experience with reliable and trouble-free.